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Top Trends To Try This Season


Summer has finally faded into fall. Now that the days are getting cooler there is no reason not to get your fall fashion in full swing. Although I love fun, flirty summer style just as much as the next girl, I am very excited about bringing my fall wardrobe out to play. Working with cozy fabrics, a warm color palette, and so many fabulous shoe choices is what I love most about fall fashion. The variety of outfits begging to be worn is just exciting! Of course, you all know that my personal style outweighs all other factors when I get dressed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to mix in some timely trends every now and then. Trends are the reason for the inspiration. What you choose to do with current fashion trends is what translates into personal style.

That’s why today I am going to go over some of the most popular and wearable fashion trends right now. These trends are versatile enough for anyone to try, no matter your personal style. All it takes is a little adjustment to make each of these looks work for you and your wardrobe. Ready to see the top trends to try this season?

1. Distressed Denim

Denim is definitely having a moment lately, and it doesn’t seem like the trend is slowing down anytime soon. There are all kinds of denim variations hitting the market right now, but one of the most prominent is distressed denim. Ripped boyfriend jeans are a wardrobe staple that add a casual vibe to any outfit. Then there are frayed hem jeans, meaning that the leg hems are a bit unraveled at the ankles for a slightly undone but chic look. Any way you choose to wear your distressed denim this season is sure to be on-trend.

2. Bell Sleeves

We saw lots of ’70s fashion flood the scene last fall, and now the retro silhouettes are becoming even more popular. Besides flared jeans, another big trend from the era is the popularity of flowing bell sleeves. Choosing a bell-sleeved top should be simple, as many designers are offering their own takes on the trend: some are peasant-style, and some are a bit more modern. W Mag shows how celebs have rocked the trend if you need some inspiration.

3. Rocker Chic

Something about fashion lately has taken a turn for the rock ‘n’ roll. Old school band tees are getting a major revival and can be worn with everything from a pencil skirt to velvet pants. Another big rocker piece is the black leather jacket, which will transcend the trend long after rocker chic takes the backseat. There are plenty of rocker inspired pieces available on Lyst including biker jackets and doubly trendy distressed denim to help you look your best, and toughest, for the fall.

4. Florals

Floral patterns are not just for spring anymore. There are plenty of seasonal blooms bringing a new dimension to autumn wardrobes. You can find fall florals on just about any garment—tops, dresses, and even coats. WWD’s slideshow gives a great overlook at this modern Bohemian trend if you’re still not sure what qualifies certain floral prints for fall.















Photography – Enja Brelih Photography

whole look by Diesel spring/summer 2017

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