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29 Nov

Little cutie

Hello world! I am back in this cute, pink hat. I felt little a little princess again, but with hat not tiara. I prefer this type of tiara.. Hahaha.. Can’t get out of my skin! With this beauty goes perfectly elegant hairstyle (low bun). I decided to wear every shade of  pink I got in my closet <3 I was really surprised how many pink pieces I got in it… Interesting.. I am going by to my favorite color from childhood, not really, but few pieces doesn’t hurt right?! How do you like this color of hat!? 




3 Feb

Hello, it’s me..

Hello it’s me! No, it’s me, Sara! I was away for about 2 weeks and I really needed this time off, because I had my exams in Slovenia and we also moved. We are back to Slovenia. At the moment I am in my home town, but on Friday we are moving to the capital, Ljubljana! I can not tell you how happy I am about the fact that I will live there for a next few months!!! I really like the city and fashion there is so alive. People live for fashion and I get so inspired just being there.

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