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Summer dress & biker jacket

Hello my loves! Weekend is coming to an end sooner that I hoped, but time always passes you by when you have a lot to do. I was away for a few days, because of volleyball tournament (as the most of the time when I am away). Here is one casual, everyday look/outfit that I think anyone can wear and look good in it. Biker jacket is one of the most important jackets in your closet for sure, because brings

28 Feb

Golden age

I have so many amazing pieces in my closet, but I wear just few of them. That is why I wore this amazing Chloe drew bag, because it is really amazing piece and the size is perfect, but I don’t wear it that much. How do you like this drew collection?? I really love it, because model is really beautiful and there are so many different materials and mix of colors in this collection. I love how this bag makes outfit a little bit more classy and makes it stand out.

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