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15 Jun

Why visit Gotheburg, Sweden and what to expect

Hello everyone!! <3

I am happy to be back home, but really miss this beautiful city, country and of cours people. I fell in love with this city as never before. I lived near Paris and have never felt such a strong feeling about one city before. I adore Gotheburg so much! It’s really, really beautiful city, with soul and so many beautiful things to see. I took all this photos with my iPhone so the quality it’s not great, but I really wanted to show you what you can find here. We had real luck with weather, because it was all the time sunny and warm. People are really nice and WOW, their english is really outstanding! People that are the same age as my parents speak english almost like native speaker! I was really impressed, because in my country this is not so often, especially for older people. Anyway, people are really nice and polite, also blonde with blue eyes so I just blend it immediately. More than actually in my country, hahahah..