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17 Maj

Nude patterns with everything nude

I was in Ljubljana on Thursday for two amazing events. We took this photos on the rooftop, when I had few free minutes! Thank god! This skirt is really amazing, because of it’s pattern which is so unique. Combination of nude-black skirt with fringed, leather jacket in black and nude cap. Perfect for a rainny day and too much things to do. Cap is perfect to add it to spring outfits just to keep you warmer. There are two different patterns, but you can not go wrong with them. Just put them all together with no fear! I have so many events to share with you and too little time! I still haven’t posted my favorite LJFW looks!! Sorry guys, but I am so busy with everything and now it is also time to start studying for my last exam in law school. Good luck to me, right!?   

10 Mar

Second hand lover or not

Nude color is my favorite for this season! I love all nude looks and this one it is totally me. Casual with a touch of elegance and sport style. I think this skirt I wore already 3 times in one week, because I adore material, pattern and length. Actually I love everything about it. This Kenzo sweater is from second hand, but was never worn as well as skirt. This is why I love second hand! I want more second hand shops that will have only new and a few times worn (but without visible signs of wearing) pieces. We need this! I need this!

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