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22 Dec

Warm pants with white, chic vest

Hello my loves <3 How are your last days before CHRISTMASSSS going!? I am super excited about it & we will be also celebrating my man’s birthday. I am done with gifts so thank you God! Yesterday I published gift guide that maybe can help you with your christmas shopping.. I took few pieces I know every woman would love, but sadly for a man shopping list I am… Let just say I am not so good at it. Even though I have to buy two gifts in December and it has to be something unique.. It’s always a challange. That is why we decided to make a list, during the whole year, of the things that we would love to have. That is the best way to get what you want & not faking happy face when getting something you don’t like.

This look I wore almost a month ago, but I had so much work to do that I forgot about it. This look is so special to me, because combine casual, warm pants with V-neck top & this amaaaaazing coat made by young talented designer Ana Štucin. Plus hat from my collection, dddddd… Casual, chic, comfy and most importantly stylish :))
23 Sep

LJFW day 3 – White sucker


Finally I have uploaded my last look for LJFW. I couldn’t resist to wear one fo my favorite pants again. Lace bra that is picking out of your blouse is probably one of the quiet trends of spring/summer season. I had this outfit prepared for a long time, but didn’t know what to wear over it. Then I found this white, leather, biker jacket in Zara & I knew it would be perfect. It goes perfectly to this look & my personal style. I have some amazing news! My hat collection will be done in 2 weeks & I can not be more excited!!! It will not be as big collection as I wanted, but I will accept orders and believe me that all my hats will be unique.

22 Apr

Samopregledovanje lahko reši življenje

Trgovina Palmers, ki jo vse dobro poznamo zaradi njihovih modrcov in nasploh spodnjega perila in kopalk, je začela akcijo opozarjanja na samopregledovanje dojk. Bloggerke smo bile vabljene, da se podučimo na to temo in ob enem ozavestimo čim več žensk, ki mogoče tega ne počnejo ali ne jemljejo dovolj resno. En najbolj priljubljenih Palmers modrcov vsebuje rakasto tvorbo (brez strahu to je zgolj mala, silikonska bunkica, ki jo bodo stranke začutile ob pomerjanu modrca) - modrc z rakom na dojki. Vsaka ženska ob zatipani bulici najde sporočilo, ki jo spomni na ključno vlogo rednega samopregledovanja, kar lahko bistveno zmanjša grozljivo...
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