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Summer dress & biker jacket

Hello my loves! Weekend is coming to an end sooner that I hoped, but time always passes you by when you have a lot to do. I was away for a few days, because of volleyball tournament (as the most of the time when I am away). Here is one casual, everyday look/outfit that I think anyone can wear and look good in it. Biker jacket is one of the most important jackets in your closet for sure, because brings

30 Jul

Shoe shopping

Problem is when you are shopaholic, but when you are shoeaholic too.. It was my birthday last Sunday & I got this two pairs of shoes. Mules, that I desperately needed (wanted), but I never found a perfect classy, summer, nude version of them! Until now!!

16 Jul

One call away

Ohhh… This song is on replay on my phone for past few days! Love it!! That is how I decided for today’s title. So, however, you know that all jeans look is still ”in”!? But everyone do it with the same color/shade of clothes, I decided to do it totally different. Not even same color of jeans & voila!! What do you think!?

11 Jul

Tomboy in high heels

Happy Mondayyyy!! It’s a new week and I have a lot of things in my mind. This photos of the look were taken this weekend when I went in cinema with my man & for him this was probably the best outfit I ever wore. Khm… For me all that matterd were my NEW SHOES!!

7 Jul

What is your addiction?!?

Hat addict?!?! Ohhh, yeah that’s me!! I am soooo madly in love with all kind of hats! They make every single outfit look unique and add some edge to it. I will start to make my own hats and can not wait to make few in crazy colors. I need them in every single color!! But the funniest thing is I do not own any hat in black color.. This all white look looks so much better with hat in bright color. Are you also a hat lover ?? Which type of hat you prefer??

Obsedenec s klobuki?!?! Ohhh, ja to sem jaz!! Jaz sem povsem zaljubljena v VSE klobuke! Res naredijo vsak outfit unikaten in dodajo tisto piko na i. Odločila sem se, da bom začela izdelovat svje klobuke in res komaj čakam, da naredim nekaj norih klobukov, v norih barvah!! Rabim jih v vseh možnih barvah. Najbolj smešno od vsega pa je, da ravno v črni barvi nimam niti enega. Ves bel outfit je res veliko bolj atraktiven z klobukom v živi barvi. Si tudi ti ljubitelj klobukov?!? Imate kak predlog, kateri model klobuka je najboljši??


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