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14 Mar

Sunny day is perfect day for a walk

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Happy day everyone! I hope you all have a beautiful day, full of sun! I got sick yesterday & hopefully I will get better soon. We have a beautiful sunny day, but I am sick in my bed. This look was photographed few weeks ago, but I didn’t had time to post it. So now that I am finally free I can share it with you. Sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves and people around us and then is when the sickness comes. To remind us to just stop for a while and take a look around us & take care for ourselves. Don’t forget that you need to love each other & the most importantly, you need to know how to love yourself!!!

Don’t forget to love each other!

shoes – Bata

dress – Imperial (trgovina Omara)

jacket – Zara

hat – The Blonde Bliss

IMG_9803 IMG_9750



IMG_9751 IMG_9799



Photography – Enja Brelih

xoxo, Sara

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