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10 Mar

Second hand lover or not

Nude color is my favorite for this season! I love all nude looks and this one it is totally me. Casual with a touch of elegance and sport style. I think this skirt I wore already 3 times in one week, because I adore material, pattern and length. Actually I love everything about it. This Kenzo sweater is from second hand, but was never worn as well as skirt. This is why I love second hand! I want more second hand shops that will have only new and a few times worn (but without visible signs of wearing) pieces. We need this! I need this! If you are not a big fan of second hand and vintage stores I am sure you would love store like this. But here in Slovenia I still think people are a little afraid of second hand stores, because:

  1. Used, bad stuff
  2. They think that only poor people shop in second hand & vintage stores ( so NOT true)
  3. They are not sure if it is authentic or not (if they don’t trust store judgement)

I can only say that 1. is partly true. Sadly we don’t have store that would sell new or used stuff that would look like new. But even if there is something new or something in a really great condition, you have to go through so many horrible stuff before, that you just want to forget about everything and just leave the shop FOREVER(been there, done that)

2. It is totally stupid from my point of view. I love to shop there, because I can find pieces I want, but are no longer in shops. Also amazing pieces for at least 30% off a store price and in a really good condition or brand new. Because of price in second hand shop you are able to afford more expensive, luxurious items you could only dream about it or even buy more products for the price of one in the store.

3. I trust any store as far as I see the conditions of sale that garanty me to give me a full refund or double my money, if it is not authentic. But anyway.. If you buy something expensive you probably know all the details about the item and you can also check by yourself. If I decide to buy something really expensive and I am not 100% that this is an authentic item, I check authenticity of the item on one of many websites that can help you with it (my favorite:,,..).













Photography – The Blonde Bliss

skir – Torn by Ronny Kobo / cap – Conte di Florence / sweater – Kenzo / handbag – Miu Miu

Love, Sara

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