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2 Jul

Orange hat x Nike slippers


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Casual weekends are always a good idea, right!? Because I really have no freaking idea what to wear in these hot days, so I have decided to post the best look for days like these. I chose an oversized sweater with old high waist shorts and the most comfortable Nike slippers ever. No matter the weather, no matter the season, you should always wear your favourite jewellery! But probably the best thing about this outfit is my favourite orange hat with a black bow. I think this hat is a perfect match for every person out there, because, well,… Just take a look at it and you will understand!!! I love everything about this look, because it’s my definition of a casual, comfortable, elegant and unique look. For me, everything is about staying comfortable, but the best of looks is always made with a unique hat.  

hat – The Blonde Bliss

shorts, top – Zara

shoes – Nike

watch – Cluse (get it here)



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Photography – Enja Brelih

Love, Sara

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