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Messy hair, don’t care

MBFW Ljubljana had justs started! I will post few posts soon, but at the moment is so much going on that I can not even follow all the plans. I have to pack for Sweden soon and also I have so much to do before I leave. This pants are really one of my favorite one, because they fell so right. Like they are made for me! If you follow my instagram you already know that I bought my first (typical) biker jacket. It is really nice and love the whole look, model, color,… Elegant look with an edgy touch is always good idea and looks good. This hairstyle I wear a lot, but when I go somewhere I never wore it. You make half of ponytail and pull out a little bit of hair on the top of the head. So VOILA! I saw this look on other bloggers and decided that this hairstyle deserve to be worn outside of my home, too. I think it looks really good with this look and I felt really comfortable with it!












Photography – The Blonde Bliss

whole outfit from Zara

xoxo, Sara

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