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16 Jun

Make your own summer bag

Have you seen all this amazing baskets/bags for summer in all magazins around us!?!? I am so madly in LOVE with this pom-poms, fringes, colors and everything different combined on this bags. They look perfect for summer and specially for beach! I decided that I will make one by myself, because the ones I liked were really, really expensive (around 200€). I ordered basket online for 25€ on and other decoration  I bought in Art store where you can get totally everything for painting, decorating, drawing,.. Everything for artistic people! I love this pom-poms, because they look really good on basket and also on sandals. That will probably be my next project, on which I am already working on it!! Here are the photos of items I needed and then the result. Pom-poms I stiched on basked so that they will not fall down. Super glu is not the best decision when it comes to this materials, so I have decided to use combination of it. But super glu is the fastest way to put things on, but with time, glued items get hard and they easily fall down. The best option is textil glu or just stiching everything on. For any other questions or propositions just let me know. What do you want me to work on next!?




After few minutes this is how it looked like…








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