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4 May

Open top x Trench coat

I am not a trench coat person at all. I find them too classy and elegant for my taste. Well… We all know there comes a time when we all swallow our words and wear a piece that we never thought we would. So I have a post with a trench coat that I find really comfortable, and that goes with a few pieces from my closet. But of course I have to bend the rules because I can not wear it as it should be worn, but as something that I think will look the best on me. I got inspired by others that wore it under one shoulder. It’s high contrast with red Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles, jeans and a white top. Can I tell you how happy I am to have this white top finally?? I have been waiting for it for too long!!! I love the model of the top and how amazing it looks from the side!! Perfect to show off a part of our favourite lingerie!!   All the pieces I am wearing will be put on my profile, so it’s easier for you to find them!  

Trench coat – S.Oliver

Top – NA-KD (get 20% off everything with code: theblondebliss20)

Jeans – Asos

Handbag – Prada

Shoes – Tommy Hilfiger

Watch – Cluse

  IMG_3733 IMG_3627 IMG_3598 IMG_3555 IMG_3511 IMG_3587 IMG_3651  

Photorgaphy – Enja Brelih

xoxo, Sara


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