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15 Apr

From Trieste with love

How to wear big faux fur coats?? Thank God I will not have to worry about this anymore, because spring is here, but still. It’s good to know something about the ”most wanted” piece of this winter since it will remain popular in the upcoming winter. I have been in love with them because they look super cosy, beautiful and warm. But the most important part, I have seen them in all colours, shapes,.. Just not in neutral colours, because apparently, it was too ”average”. I have found my perfect fur coat in Mango! It is soooo soft (I saw one girl touching my coat when we were on a date one night in a restaurant in Ljubljana! Hahaha… My boyfriend was like: ”Will you say something?” I was laughing and observing her trying to convince her friend to touch it, but she was a bit shy. But anyway, this coat is softer than any of my fluffiest items at home. It’s also super warm, but I have to say one thing bothered me so much, I had to reconsider if I wanted to wear it. They are so freakishly heavy! I felt the heaviness on my shoulders after a while.. But well… I’m a freezing type of person. In the end, I am at least warm!

Coat – Mango (get similar here, here, here & here)

Hat – The Blonde Bliss (get your here)

Pants – Mango (similar here, here, here & here)

Handbag – Prada (get your here, here, here & here)

Ankle boots – Bata

Top – Mango



  IMG_1889 IMG_1910 IMG_1880 IMG_1872 IMG_1868 IMG_1867 IMG_1862 IMG_1858 IMG_1853 IMG_1841 IMG_1822 IMG_1818   IMG_1816 IMG_1805 IMG_1797 IMG_1760   Photography – Enja Brelih       Love,   Sara

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