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Hat story starts in a small country in central Europe, Slovenia. Where one young, creative mind wanted to create extraordinary hats, which she grow to adore them, passed from her grandmother that died when she was a little girl. It was a piece she always admired in her grandmothers closet and which she wore with such a confidence and so much love. Story starts with passion, love, adoration and dedication to create something beautiful. Every single hat is handmade by hatmaker with 90 years of tradition. Our goal is to create unique pieces that will last forever and that one day you will be the one to pass our creations to your children and grandchilder, and tell them your life stories connected with your hats. We create collections and also personalized hats for our clients. Every collections is inspired by the things that surround us and created for people that know who they are and what they want. Peronalized hat are created specifically for each person so that everything is as you wish. From color, to material, to every single pendant we put on it.
Handmade by hat maker with 90 years of tradition
Made in Europe (material from Florence, Italy)
Uniquely made for every single client
Some of them even unisex
For women they are great in so many different way.. If you have a great hairstyle, but something is missing.. Try a hat! If you have a bad hair day.. Try a hat! Hats can save you, add something or just show the world that you are a daring woman and you are proud to be a woman in man’s world. For men this is just something you need to have. Hat is a piece that goes to your jeans on casual day or suit when you work. It has this ”je ne sais quoi” that will make your look even better. Believe me.. Women remember every single man with a hat that they saw in their life, because a hat added something to a man. Isn’t that what you want?? To be remembered…
Because we want to make a hat according to your wishes is the best to contact us directly to our mailbox. Pošlji sporočilo

Stay unique with our hats.


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