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Culottes, off the shoulder top and oxford shoes

Hello my dear fashionistas! From yesterday evening when I was preparing the photos and this morning changed a lot. If you would like to find out what is going on, where I am going and a little bit about my personal life read further 🙂

My man called from US and told me to buy a ticket for Sweden as soon as possible. Because I have a lot to do next week and some interviews I decided to go to Sweden on Friday and meet my man there, after 2 weeks apart. I can not wait to see him again and also visit Sweden for the first time. But something like this is usual in out relationship. We met on the airport in Paris for the first time and I fell in love with him like crazy. I am not that type of person that share my personal life with other people, but I decided to open up a little bit to my readers. If I am honest we met at first on Facebook (it’s really funny to say that, because I never talk with people I don’t know on social media) and after weeks of talking we decided to meet. I studied in France so for me going there was like going home. I was really nervous, because I never saw him before, but at the end everything was more than perfect. Going to Paris for him was probably the most spontaneous thing I did in my entire life. So now I am going to Gothenburg, Sweden to met him there and take a week off there with him. But our week off it’s not without sport, walking around, volleyball all the time,.. Yes we both love, better yet adore volleyball. He is a profesionall volleyball player and I trained volleyball for more than 10 years before, so yes we play together too. So however, I AM GOING TO SWEDEN!! I will not post any look probably from there, because I will study, train, spend some quality time with my man,. Plus I wil take just one small bag of things with me, so NO place for my clothes. But my instagram will be full of photos from Sweden, because I know that i will not hide my excitement about this country!

But now go back to fashion. Off the shoulder top is this summer really must have (plus it looks really good with everything and on everyone), but also culottes are staying. Last summer was really ”bum” with culottes pants and they are still chic this year. This is probably the classiest look I have ever wore.

P.s.: Have you saw my biiiig lashes?! I adore them. This are Redcherry lashes number 42. They are really bid, almost too much, but I adore them. They look amazing!!


DSC_5348.NEF (2)









Photography – The Blonde Bliss

culottes – Zara / bag – Chloe drew / top – Stradivarius / shoes – italian store / coat – Shein

xoxo, Sara

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