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24 Jun

Unique basket with pom-pom

This is one of the simplest look of the summer. I had to wore this basket, that I made by myself, because it’s just too beautiful not to wear it. I received so many compliments about my basket that I just adore it even more now. What do you think about my basket!?!? Yay or nay? I decided to make few basket for girls that would like to have them so you can write me to my mail here in contacts and make an order <3 I adore this dress that it’s really the simplest dress I own, probably… It look amazing on every single body type and it’s must have piece for this summer. You can get it in Zara for only 25€!!


20 Jun

The Blonde Bliss for Pentlja concept store

Few weeks ago I was talking about one photoshooting I did for one of my favorite stores in Ljubljana, Pentlja concept store. There you can find a lot of amazing slovenian designers, with croatian, serbian and few new rising stars all around Europe. Clothes are one of a kind, unique, quality is the best and you will fall in love with decoration and all little thing in this store. This is one of 3 looks we took photos of. I felt the most comfortable in this look, because of jumpsuit (that has cut pants) combination, over it we put on top made out of jeans and little bit of lace. If you wanna be unique, go to that store and you will get inspired for sure!

P.s.: There is always a stylist in the store, that can help you.


19 Jun

DH Fashion show on airport

Kot sem obljubila, tukaj je post DH Fashion modnega spektakla, ki je potekal v petek na letališču v Mariboru. To je mlad modni oblikovalec David Hojnik, ki ga poznam že od osnovne šole naprej. On je en izmed najbolj talentiranih, unikatnih ljudi, ki jih poznam. Trend setter z unikatnim stilom, ki vas ne bo pustil ravnodušnih ob pogledu na njegove dizajne. Tukaj so slike vseh dizajnov, priča smo bili dvema hodoma v enem šovu! Modni dogodek je bil res fantastičen, priča smo bili tudi dvema pevskima natopoma dveh slovenskih pevk, plesalci, videji in seveda vseh dizajnov ob katerih mi je zastajal dih. Hvala David za tako glamurozen in neverjeten spektakel, lahko rečem, da je to bil tvoj fashion week!! Komaj čakam, da vidimo naslednji modni spektakel, ki nam ga boš predstavil! Za vse moje bralce pa upam, da uživate v slikah/dizajnih in da vas navdihnejo, vseeno pa da doživite tiste občutke, ki smo jih vsi, ki smo uspeli spremljati revijo v živo!

As I promissed I uploaded all photos from DH Fashion show I attended at friday on airport in Maribor, Slovenia. This is an young designer David Hojnik, that I know him from middle school already. He is one of the most talented & unique people I know. Trend setter with unique style, that will not let you go home without daydreaming about at least on of his designs. Here are all the designs he made, 2 shows in one! Fashion show was really good, 2 amazing slovenian singers, dancers, videos and of course designs that stopped me from breathing. Thank you David for making your own show so glamorous & stunning, we can say this is your own fashion week! Can not wait to see your next! For you my dear readers, I hope you enjoy all designes and get inspired by it.


16 Jun

Make your own summer bag

Have you seen all this amazing baskets/bags for summer in all magazins around us!?!? I am so madly in LOVE with this pom-poms, fringes, colors and everything different combined on this bags. They look perfect for summer and specially for beach! I decided that I will make one by myself, because the ones I liked were really, really expensive (around 200€). I ordered basket online for 25€ on and other decoration  I bought in Art store where you can get totally everything for painting, decorating, drawing,..

16 Jun

Make your own rules

I am back guys! I am done with studying for now, but this is my last exam in law school so I have to pick up my game :)) My studying was more exciting when I got package from Asos. This jeans, off the shoulder top is everything I expected, NO, I am lying, it’s MORE! It’s comfortable, chic and totally fantastic when you put it on.

15 Jun

Why visit Gotheburg, Sweden and what to expect

Hello everyone!! <3

I am happy to be back home, but really miss this beautiful city, country and of cours people. I fell in love with this city as never before. I lived near Paris and have never felt such a strong feeling about one city before. I adore Gotheburg so much! It’s really, really beautiful city, with soul and so many beautiful things to see. I took all this photos with my iPhone so the quality it’s not great, but I really wanted to show you what you can find here. We had real luck with weather, because it was all the time sunny and warm. People are really nice and WOW, their english is really outstanding! People that are the same age as my parents speak english almost like native speaker! I was really impressed, because in my country this is not so often, especially for older people. Anyway, people are really nice and polite, also blonde with blue eyes so I just blend it immediately. More than actually in my country, hahahah..


8 Jun

Vest addict is back

Hello dear! <3

I am finally back home. I was traveling for 10 days , saw 2 beautiful cities I fell in love with, Oslo and Gothenburg. Sweden and Norway are so amazing, food is delicious, people are really nice and thank you god that we had sun the whole time (even at night!). Now I am back home ready to update you with all looks, details, travel tips,..

Long vest are becoming big thing. In my closet you know they are already a BIG THING, but believe me when I say that they can make everyday outfit look much more unique.

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