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Just smile baby

On Thursday I was in Ljubljana doing my last things before leaving for Sweden. I talked with my beautiful, amazing girls that always motivate me even more for everything I do.

As you all know this skirt I bought in second hand shop, but it was brand new! Material and pattern are just amazing and still look like the first day I got it, no matter how many times I wore it. Because of so many errands in Ljubljana I didn’t have any other choice, but to put on shoes that will be comfortable the whole day. Ah yeah, and don’t forget my new hat!!

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MBFWLJ look #1

Here is my look from MBFWLJ. Ohhh I even don’t know where to start. I bought this hat 30minutes before the show! Look was inspired by long lasting trend with pants and skirt. I took my jumpsuit that I bought in Zara 3 years ago and put over one of my favorite skirts from Mango.

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Modern barbie

Two trends together can be so much fun and not bad at all. Pleated pieces and one color that stands out, VOILA! I heard so many compliments about this skirts and I am really glad you like it! But this skirt is still available in Zara so just go and get one ”it” skirt for yourself.

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Nude patterns with everything nude

I was in Ljubljana on Thursday for two amazing events. We took this photos on the rooftop, when I had few free minutes! Thank god! This skirt is really amazing, because of it’s pattern which is so unique. Combination of nude-black skirt with fringed, leather jacket in black and nude cap. Perfect for a rainny day and too much things to do. Cap is perfect to add it to spring outfits just to keep you warmer. There are two different patterns, but you can not go wrong with them. Just put them all together with no fear! I have so many events to share with you and too little time! I still haven’t posted my favorite LJFW looks!! Sorry guys, but I am so busy with everything and now it is also time to start studying for my last exam in law school. Good luck to me, right!?   

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Event w/ Melvita x My Equa

Včeraj je bil en najbolj luškanih in naravnih/zdravih eventov v letu. Poizvedele smo kako vlažna je naša koža na obrazu, pomen Melvitine cvetne vodice, kako pomembna je hidratacija in pa da lahko skrbimo za dvoje telo v stilu (mislim seveda, te luškane stekleničke!). Tukaj je nekaj slikic iz samega dogodka. A že imate svoje stekleničke!? Jaz jim imam zdaj kar nekaj! LOVE IT <3

Yesterday was one of the cutes and healthiest events in this year! We talked about Melvita’s rose water, found out how moist is the skin on our face, how important is hydration and that we can do it in style (I mean with this cute bottles!). Here are some pics from this event. Do you have your own bottle!? I already have few of them! LOVE IT! <3

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