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Cold December is here


Hello Friday!! I am so busy with my law degree so just excuse me for my absence her on The Blonde Bliss. I prepared a shop with my hats just for you here on my blog & it took me a little more time that I thought it would. Here is my look from a week ago, when I was running around the city from a meeting to a meeting. Proudly I can say that my hats will be featured in two magazines this month and also I will have few interviews about my collection. Can not tell you how much that means to me!! <3

Here is one typical look (all black) we all wear (too) often in cold days. That is why my hat collection is really colorful, because we need one IT piece to pick up our classy & a little bit boring looks. Purple is just amazing and looks fantastic on everyone, believe me I saw it on a lot of people and it works. Oh yeah.. Have you saw my new bag!? I love it!!

Have a beautiful weekend!! Continue Reading

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Rdeča Oranža styling




Happy Monday my loves! I am a little late with today’s post, but better later than never. Denim coat was so adored that I had to show how it looks like a coat. Combined with this multicolor skirt that was sold out immediatly, because bloggers all around the world made a big hit out of it.

Zraven vsega tega pa se moram še zahvaliti podjetju, ki je pripomoglo, da ta spletna stran izgleda, kot izgleda. Hvala marketinški agenciji Rdeča Oranža, da moj blog izgleda tako kot sem si želela in za vso delo, ki ga še vedno vložite vanj. Padla je ideja, da ekipa, ki jo vodi Martin Korošec, stylingov ne bi samo gledala, ampak so si zaželeli svojega <3 Zato sme ustvarila tale styling Rdeča Oranža. Ker dejansko nimam ničesar v oranžni, rdeči ali rumeni barvi sem na koncu styling posnela pred steno, ki je oddeta v te barve ob enem pa da stylingu to posebno energijo. Upam, da je tudi vam všeč moj blog, kot tudi nanašnji styling! <3








Photography – Darja Perfeta

shoes – Asos / coat, skirt – Zara / top – Intimissimi

xoxo, Sara

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