Hello in The Blonde Bliss shop full of beautiful hats! My love and passion for hats is more than that, it’s everything! Hats has always been part of my life & I have always imagined our ancestors wearing them in so many different ways and looking so stylish. But the most important, they remind me of my grandmother that passed when I was little. Hats are something that connect past and the future, something that reminds me of my loved ones and at the same time they keep memories of them alive. Hats have always been a status symbol, that made you look at the people that wore them a little differently. We have decided to show the world that everyone can wear them and also that this is not a piece that is forgotten, but a piece that will stand the test of time. They are a piece that make every single look so much more sophisticated, unique and attractive. They have lost their power/value in last few decades and it’s time to bring them back to life more glorious/majestic than ever. In the last few years we have see more and more people with hats & we can not tell you how happy that makes me. It makes me feel like we are living in that black and white movies, where person without a hat was strange and weird! Men, women, the whole world wore hats!! That were the times when everyone wanted to look the best they could. And the best they looked with unique and different hats. That is why The Blonde Bliss decided to create the most amazing, unique, handmade hats in collaboration with hat maker with 90 years of tradition.

Our hats are:
• Handmade by hat maker with 90 years of tradition
• Made in Europe (material from Florence, Italy)
• Uniquely made for every single client
• Some of them even unisex

Because we want to make a hat according to your wishes is the best to contact us directly to our mailbox


For women they are great in so many different way.. If you have a great hairstyle, but something is missing..Try a hat! If you have a bad hair day.. Try a hat! Hats can save you, add something or just show the world that you are a daring woman and you are proud to be a woman in man’s world.

For men this is just something you need to have. Hat is a piece that goes to your jeans on casual day or suit when you work. It has this ”je ne sais quoi” that will make your look even better. Believe me.. Women remember every single man with a hat that they saw in their life, because a hat added something to a man. Isn’t that what you want?? To be remembered…

A woman is not really dressed unless she is wearing a hat.

– Virginia Graham

A fine hat fits like a good friend.

-Charles M. Russell

A hat is not just a hat. A hat is the expression of a woman’s soul.

-Lily Doche

If a woman rebels against high heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat.

– George Bernard Shaw


IMG_3083 IMG_3085
IMG_3090 IMG_3089
IMG_3098 IMG_3093
IMG_3107 IMG_3101
IMG_3114 IMG_3111
IMG_3126 IMG_3124
IMG_3135 IMG_3131
IMG_3154 IMG_3144
IMG_3164 IMG_3157
IMG_3172 IMG_3169
IMG_3174 IMG_3173


IMG_3188 IMG_3178
IMG_3202 IMG_3199
IMG_3214 IMG_3210
IMG_3225 IMG_3222
IMG_3240 IMG_3229
IMG_3250 IMG_3244
IMG_3254 IMG_3261
IMG_3263 IMG_3268
IMG_3284 IMG_3275
IMG_3298 IMG_3289
IMG_3322 IMG_3317

(still possible to make an unique one for you)

IMG_1218 IMG_1219
IMG_1220 IMG_1221
IMG_1223 IMG_1222
IMG_1224 IMG_1225
IMG_1227 IMG_1226

Stay unique with our hats!<3

The Blonde Bliss

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