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I am such a Carrie Bradshaw


We had a few cold days and finally I could wear something that is not killing me. I swear to God that this summer is unreal! It’s so freaking hot that even a swimsuit would feel too much. Wearing jeans again is really great, because this pair of jeans are one of my favourite of course, because I am new to the WHITE jeans family. Sadly, the weather was too hot to put on any of my hats and I used this opportunity to wear them again. I am not really a big fan of summer/straw hats… No idea why, but they just feel different and are not  as chic and glamorous as other hats made from different materials.

I got so many compliments about the colour of my eyes when wearing this hat. It seems a bright colour of blue brings out the colour of my eyes. Oh yeah. . You probably don’t know, but everyone in my family  have blue eyes and most of us are also naturally blonde.. I was blonde as long as I could remember, but then I started  colouring my hair brown, red,.. Quite horrible choices during my teenage years, but when I finally wanted to colour my hair back to blonde, my natural colour became darker and darker… At the moment I am something in between. Some parts are really blonde, almost white…  and others are dark brown. That is why I decided to colour my hair to dark blonde so  that I’m  something in between. But for the last few weeks I am thinking about colouring my hair to dark brown or white and my boyfriend is so scared, because he knows how I looked with brown hair and believe me… It wasn’t good at all!! On all my photos there was me with brown hair and no eyebrows, because they are naturally blonde and are not visible with this dark hair colour combination. Horrible!! So if I decide to colour my hair to dark colour I would also need to colour my eyebrows and for me…  that is,… Not so great.. Hahaha!!


jeans – Zara (similar here, here and here)

jacket –  Zara (here and here)

hat – The Blonde Bliss

top – Zara (here, here and here)

slippers – Nike (similar here)

bag – Miu Miu





IMG_1352 IMG_1353(1) IMG_1353



 Photography – Enya Brelih

 xoxo, Sara

  • sam collin

    Wow!!! how pretty girl is there, your outfit is so beauty with elegance stylish, i love it.

    16. avgust, 2017 at 9:32 Odgovori
  • Jared waisner

    So simple but love it.! looking so pretty in it babe

    16. avgust, 2017 at 9:53 Odgovori

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