Wearing dress over culottes is one of my new / favorite trends. I like it on so many people, but I never dared to try it on me, because I think it does not look good. I think it looks the best on skinny people and I am not one of them. Especially in winter time I think there is almost all of women that would love to show off her body like in summer time. We do not have self-esteem and we see mistakes even when they are really small or not even there. But as you can see I was always in love with oversize clothes. I love how they look and I feel more comfortable in them, than in skinny jeans or tight dresses. That is why I pulled out this dress – pants trend into my own perspective and pulled it off with culottes and not so tight dress. If you ever see trend that’s feels right, but it doesn’t look right, you just try it with your own pieces and I am sure you will love it even more. Trends are amazing, but make your own trends is even more amazing! So just be confident and believe in you, because everyone have this little sparkle inside of us that just wait to inspire you!!













Photography: The Blonde Bliss

Handbag – Carven Paris

Shoes – Eram

Vest – Dixie

Culottes, dress – Zara

Hat – Hats by BSR

Sunglasses – Spitfire

Love, Sara

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