My name is Sara and I love fashion. Better yet, I live for fashion. The highlight of my day is when I find a piece of clothing in my wardrobe that brings me joy. A piece of clothing that makes me feel true to myself. Something like this brings a little smile on my face that lasts the whole day. I like those little unknown secrets (stores) that make everyone turn their head. I like to discover those little stores hidden in the back alley of a city. There you can find the biggest gems, for the best prices. Make small brands grow is like looking your child growing up. It’s the best feeling in the world and you feel that is a part of you. But I would not be a fashion lover if I wouldn’t be in love with some amazing / expensive pieces that are on my wish list. One of them is definitely Chanel Boy handbag, because it has one of the best stories behind it. Strong, independent woman that never doubted her own ideas and instinct and made a big difference in fashion and also in woman’s world. This was always my inspiration to start this blog and to have my little bubble where I can express myself and write my own fairytale. People that know me are always so fascinated about sparcle in my eyes when I talk about fashion. This sparkle is inside my blog and I am ready to share it with all of you. Even if you are not a fashion lover I hope it will make you smile just a little.. :)

Welcome to my little fashion bubble, enjoy!!

LOVE, Sara

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