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27 Apr

All looks from #LJFW

I am preparing few posts that are connected with LJFW. 4 posts about designer that presented us amazing trends for new season and also this post will all my outfits. First day was more edgy and sexy look, second day was really romantic and casual, third was the most adored look by media and the classiest ever, but the last one was totally street style and sexy look. Second look was also shared by and liked by so many people abroad, but third was the most adore in my country. But my favorite was the last look, because I adore this skirt more than any other piece in the closet right now. Which one did you loved the most?

25 Apr

Most wanted shirt trend

Shirt can be used in so many different ways this season that you can not imagine! You button up the shirt as far as you like and then just push down the collar to your shoulders and VOILA! You can show one shoulder or both, but either way everything looks sexy and casual. I really to button up shirt unsymmetrically like I did with this shirt. You can also wear it as a top if you use sleeves to tight it on you. Wide, white pants are ”must have” and I adore this one from Zara that I bought for fashion week Ljubljana. Make look more glamorous, elegant as it can get. I will probably shorter this pants so I can wear them with sneakers and other shoes without high heels. Love also that they are high waisted pants, because it makes you look more skinny.

24 Apr

New IN items you really need

As you all know I have won a styling competition in our slovenian multi brand store Nama and I received 300€ to spend in their shop. They have everything I need, but I really needed to buy all the cosmetics. Almost all of my prize I spend for cosmetics items and something else… You can find out in this post!

Details about all the items I bought and tried are down here! Description, my opinion,..

23 Apr

Weekend look

Weekend is finally here! Perfect weekend look is definitely this outfit I am wearing right now. Everyday casual look with elegant, long, white vest that make every look so sophisticated. This skirt is really one of my favorite skirts I own! The length is perfect, but this opened part at the front side and the bow at the side are just perfect touch to this skirt. Converse are really shoes that every person own (I think so) and on days when I run around the city is the best. This half bun I am wearing a lot in last few months is also one of the trends of the season and my photo was also in an article about stylish hairstyles of this year. It is really easy hairstyle and look good on everyone! Try it!! I promise you will not regret it.

21 Apr

Old school style

Old school pieces are getting more and more wanted in the fashion world. I have always been a big fan of second hand and vintage shops, so this why this new trends are perfect for me. Jeans skirt was always in, but just the model of the skirt is changing all the time. I remember in high school jeans, mini skirt was really must have at that time, before was every single skirt that was high waisted,.. Old school skirt, tops and shoes are coming bag. I adore it, because I can not wait to find something in my mothers closet. I have so many old pieces with so much family history and I love them even more than high brands pieces. But still, the best shirts are always my fathers shirt. The only man in my life that wear shirts all the time and has really big collection of them. Soon I will go home again to search for some beautiful pieces! Are you also one of the people that search for pieces with history!?

18 Apr styling inspiration

Kot ste lahko zasledili preko socialnih omrežij poteka do konca današnjega dneva tekmovanje za naj stajlin v trgovini Nama. Nekako sem si zadala, da vsaj obiščem trgovino in res poskusim najti kaj zase. Moram priznati, da sem bila kar pozitivno presenečena kaj vse sem dejansko našla zase!! Namesto enega samega stajlinga sem v borih 20ih minutah pripravila dva, čist po svojem okusu. Oba imata enako rdečo nit, ki so Maja Štamol natikači in olivno zelene hlače. Pri prvem stajlingu so olivno zelene hlače trenirkastega materiala in dolžine 7/8, kar je meni res top.Pri drugem pa bolj polikan material na gumico.

Prvi stajling je kombinacija semiš, resastega brezrokavnika s čipkasto, belo majčko in bomber jakno, ki je bolj tropical verzija.Outfit zavzema različne stile in trende združene v en enoten outfit.

Drug stajling pa mi je bil res fantastičen, ker sem se povsem zaljubila v črno bomber jaknico, ki ni zgolj usnjena, ampak narejena iz malih usnjenih ”lusk”. Čipkasta, bela majčka s črtami na ramenih doda to športno, romantično noto celotnemu stajlingu. Oba sta povsem casual outfita, ampak vseeno se družita vseh trende letošnjega poletja.

Torbice s trikotniki, ki se lesketajo v vseh mogočih barvah so pravi hit letošnjega poletja in opazili ste lahko tudi enega od teh nahrbtnikov na Tjaši Kokalj. Jaz sem pa čisto prvo zasledila na njenem instagram profilu in so res neki posebnega.

Zdaj pa držimo pesti, da moj outfit navduši žirijo in grem iskat vse te božanske, must have kose v Namo <3

Fingers crossed!

17 Apr

LJFW – Ljubljana Fashion Week part 4

Final look from fourth day of LJFW and also the last one. I loved a lot of slovenian designer that showed us what to wear in upcoming seasons and soon will make posts about just a few of them. I really want to show all of you (that are not from Slovenia) our amazing designer with amazing pieces. However, I toke this photos before fashion show with my beautiful little Kenzo. He loves to walk around and pose with me.